Why was this created?

After seeing how frustrating it was to have to look up class requirements for all the available PA programs out there, it became clear that people were missing out on possible schools that they are qualified to attend. Given the competitiveness of applying to PA programs, it was clear that people should be informed about all possible schools they can apply to.

Can a class that I've taken substitute for a class that is listed?

Yes! Programs will also often take substitute classes for listed requirements. It is usually best to contact the program directly over the phone to see if a class may substitute.

A class that I have taken is not listed as an option in the search form. Does that mean it is not recognized by any PA programs?

No. If a class you have taken is not listed, it does not mean that it may not satisfy the requirement of a program. There are simply too many names for classes that may satisfy requirements. It is best to contact the school directly to inquire if a class satisfies an ambiguous requirement.